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  Topic: Manor Garden Allotments VS 2012 Olympics
Mat S

Replies: 39
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PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Sat May 26, 07 12:30 am   Subject: Manor Garden Allotments VS 2012 Olympics
That's probably all we could really expect. Very much a case of "we hear what you're saying but don't give a damn"

That's summed up all of my experience of the number 10 website petitions so far.
  Topic: today's forage.....
Mat S

Replies: 29
Views: 9873
PostForum: Foraging   Posted: Thu Apr 12, 07 11:44 pm   Subject: today's forage.....
Watch out for it's laxative effect. I ate a generous helping last year and spent much of the next day running to the small room. Luckily I wasn't at work that day.
  Topic: 4x4s to pay more
Mat S

Replies: 40
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PostForum: Conservation and Environment   Posted: Wed Nov 15, 06 11:54 pm   Subject: 4x4s to pay more

In all this, its highly significant and amusing to note Nissan's advertising slogan
"NISSAN NAVARA - It gets respect"
What could more perfectly signpost the psychology of the buyer of one of thes ...
  Topic: Chanterelles!
Mat S

Replies: 4
Views: 4328
PostForum: Foraging   Posted: Wed Oct 04, 06 11:36 pm   Subject: Chanterelles!
I cycled from Fort William to Inverness at the weekend via the Great Glen Way. Part of it passed through some old woodland beside Loch Lochy. We'd stopped for biscuits or something and I'd been notici ...
  Topic: Downsizer Virtual Show - most spectacular courgette/marrow
Mat S

Replies: 107
Views: 33290
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Wed Sep 06, 06 11:27 pm   Subject: Downsizer Virtual Show - most spectacular courgette/marrow
Not quite the largest but made me laugh.

I popped a spare plant down at the lottie of this round courgette variety - supposed to be picked at golf ball size

Found this one last night lur ...
  Topic: Corks - Which to use
Mat S

Replies: 5
Views: 3850
PostForum: Recipes, Preserving, Homebrewing   Posted: Wed Sep 06, 06 11:14 pm   Subject: Corks - Which to use
Get a corker (cork insertion device) and some straight sided corks. The tapered ones don't seal so well and the straight ones go in ok with a corker.
  Topic: Field Mushrooms... Whiteout!
Mat S

Replies: 5
Views: 3879
PostForum: Foraging   Posted: Sat Aug 19, 06 5:53 pm   Subject: Field Mushrooms... Whiteout!
I found a horse field today that had hundreds of field 'shrooms. Couldn't find anybody to get permission to pick them from but gathered a load from the unfenced area. Yummy!
  Topic: Gaming PC
Mat S

Replies: 4
Views: 3533
PostForum: IT Matters   Posted: Mon Aug 14, 06 9:13 pm   Subject: Gaming PC
I'd have a read of Toms Hardware (google it), they're usually a) right b) thorough and c) comprehensible. Oh, and trustrworthy.
  Topic: This weather is getting serious !
Mat S

Replies: 13
Views: 12652
PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Thu Jul 27, 06 5:51 pm   Subject: This weather is getting serious !
I just got a right soaking - was heading to the alloment in just shirt and shorts. About half an inch or rain at a guess. Big thunderstorm last night, can't imagine how big the pumpkins are going to b ...
  Topic: Going Carless
Mat S

Replies: 16
Views: 10983
PostForum: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle   Posted: Sat Jul 01, 06 12:45 pm   Subject: Going Carless
I've been carless for about 3 years now. I cycle to work, town, friends etc. Bike + train + bike gets you to a lot of places too. I never use busses - they're not as convemient for me as a bike. Panni ...
  Topic: Lozzie's petrol consumption article on the main page
Mat S

Replies: 84
Views: 47600
PostForum: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle   Posted: Sat May 27, 06 11:39 am   Subject: Lozzie's petrol consumption article on the main page
OddballDave's right - and it would make the roads safer for cyclists and other non-motorists too.
  Topic: What do Downsizers have for breakfast?
Mat S

Replies: 22
Views: 7891
PostForum: Recipes, Preserving, Homebrewing   Posted: Sat May 27, 06 11:26 am   Subject: What do Downsizers have for breakfast?
Weetabix followed by homemade bagels today!
  Topic: cheap solar powered fan?
Mat S

Replies: 9
Views: 8086
PostForum: Energy Efficiency and Construction/Major Projects   Posted: Wed May 17, 06 12:31 pm   Subject: cheap solar powered fan?
Solar calculators work in low light levels because they draw an incredibly small amount of power. A motor for a fan will draw an awful lot more (probably hundreds of times more) power. Can you get ano ...
  Topic: Horseradish
Mat S

Replies: 9
Views: 4668
PostForum: Foraging   Posted: Fri May 12, 06 9:26 pm   Subject: Horseradish
The bloke on the allotment next to mine has some, it grows from rough old bits of root. I could post some to you if you PM your address to me. Might take a week or two because I don't see him very oft ...
  Topic: Running out of space!
Mat S

Replies: 24
Views: 9418
PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Tue May 09, 06 11:28 pm   Subject: Running out of space!
I'm still digging the messy grassy end of my allotment. The planting is catching up with the liberated space..
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