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  Topic: Go on then.. what are your plans for the year?
Paul Sill

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PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Tue Mar 03, 15 10:48 pm   Subject: Go on then.. what are your plans for the year?
I have just planted up my strawberrys. 34 plants in a 45 gallon drum. I have placed 5 gallon drums in the middle which will be filled with FYM and topped up when required.
  Topic: Fresh horse manure
Paul Sill

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PostForum: Grow Your Own   Posted: Fri Feb 06, 15 9:31 pm   Subject: Fresh horse manure
A few Young Farmers do a yearly Dung run to raise money for charity. Horse dung would be a good soil conditioner, I use cattle dung in large amount.
  Topic: Satellite internet
Paul Sill

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PostForum: IT Matters   Posted: Mon Aug 25, 14 9:11 pm   Subject: Satellite internet
I have had it for about 18 months, Just got to watch data usage and its quite expensive but its better than dial up. No good for on line gaming but I have watched hours of youtube videos with no probl ...
  Topic: Thin cow
Paul Sill

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PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Mon Jun 30, 14 8:06 pm   Subject: Thin cow

One nasty thing to scare yourself about would be

A local farmer is having a night mare with this at the min.

Unlikely to cause a problem at this age, but any tests won't show it until 2 years ...
  Topic: Ex dairy equip needed
Paul Sill

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PostForum: Small Business Questions, Ideas and Advice   Posted: Fri Jun 27, 14 9:18 pm   Subject: Ex dairy equip needed
Mole valley's free ads often have 2nd hand bulk tanks, or find your nearest supplier, they often take old tanks as trade in's. We use KJR but they are based in Barnstaple. Be difficult to find an air ...
  Topic: Fence Shock!
Paul Sill

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PostForum: Land Management   Posted: Sun Dec 29, 13 8:55 pm   Subject: Fence Shock!
Is the cover easy to remove, I had one this year and there was a small fuse in there that had blown.
  Topic: Alternatives to GIMP.
Paul Sill

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PostForum: IT Matters   Posted: Wed Oct 02, 13 7:17 pm   Subject: Alternatives to GIMP.
Download photoshop CS2, register it log in and it will give you a product code.
  Topic: any tips to teach manners to my ram?
Paul Sill

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PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Sat Sep 07, 13 8:07 pm   Subject: any tips to teach manners to my ram?
We run a number of dairy bulls, as soon as they show signs of being a bit nasty they go and get replaced with a younger bull. I know a ram is smaller but they are still strong.
  Topic: any tips to teach manners to my ram?
Paul Sill

Replies: 13
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PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Sat Aug 24, 13 8:20 pm   Subject: any tips to teach manners to my ram?
Eat him.
  Topic: Cattle Finally Go Out....
Paul Sill

Replies: 12
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PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Sun May 12, 13 2:15 pm   Subject: Cattle Finally Go Out....
Dairy herd has been out for a few weeks, still having silage in the feeders just to top up at milking time, last of the young stock went out 2 weeks ago, only baby calves left in. Nice to see them out ...
  Topic: Reuseable Nappies
Paul Sill

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PostForum: Trading Post   Posted: Sun Oct 21, 12 2:26 pm   Subject: Reuseable Nappies
Little Lamb reusable nappies, 8 x bamboo, 6xcotton and 6 x micro fibre, extra liners and 10 wraps for the outside and a roll of disposable liners. 60 Bude, Cornwall
  Topic: Make a greenhouse or buy a cheap one?
Paul Sill

Replies: 11
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PostForum: Make Your Own/DIY   Posted: Wed Jul 18, 12 8:41 pm   Subject: Make a greenhouse or buy a cheap one?
I had a large blow away greenhouse, it was good for growing, did the job but I had to fix it down with a lot of weight. The cover only lasted 1 year because we had a very cold winter it made the plast ...
  Topic: Server Smallholdings.
Paul Sill

Replies: 14
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PostForum: IT Matters   Posted: Sun Jul 08, 12 9:13 pm   Subject: Server Smallholdings.
And security. cheaper to pay for 1 large secure area than several smaller ones.
  Topic: Monthly housing costs
Paul Sill

Replies: 93
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PostForum: Finance and Property   Posted: Sat Jun 23, 12 8:27 pm   Subject: Monthly housing costs
We have been very very luck in the fact that our flat is rented from a local charity. Low cost rent which means we can just about survive on my wage so my wife can look after the little ones but also ...
  Topic: The future of dairy farming?
Paul Sill

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PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Wed May 30, 12 8:01 am   Subject: The future of dairy farming?
That will be fun at -20C

It's the South, I don't think they have -20

But we did have -15 not last winter but the winter before!
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