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  Topic: But they're not supposed to do this.

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PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Fri Apr 10, 15 6:04 pm   Subject: But they're not supposed to do this.
Fabulous piggies - that's made my day!
  Topic: said goodbye to the old dog this morning

Replies: 11
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PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Wed Mar 25, 15 3:17 pm   Subject: said goodbye to the old dog this morning
Very sad for you but the right thing to do.
  Topic: Spilling food

Replies: 18
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PostForum: Poultry   Posted: Wed Mar 11, 15 8:44 am   Subject: Spilling food
Solway feeders do one which stops this - it's called 'Blenheim' and it sorted this problem out with my ladies - very little if any scattering of feed now and they were dreadful previously.

https:// ...
  Topic: Hello from the north east

Replies: 20
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PostForum: Welcome   Posted: Sun Jan 25, 15 9:27 pm   Subject: Hello from the north east
Hello Mrs Barnowl, welcome
  Topic: News

Replies: 24
Views: 70202
PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Sun Jan 18, 15 11:31 am   Subject: News
I have piglet envy

  Topic: News

Replies: 24
Views: 70202
PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Sat Jan 03, 15 2:12 pm   Subject: News
Fingers crossed she gets the soft furnishings sorted before the big event

And congratulations on the first batch - they are gorgeous!
  Topic: Piggy Manouvres.

Replies: 16
Views: 11256
PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Tue Dec 16, 14 9:03 pm   Subject: Piggy Manouvres.
I might not always comment but I always enjoy your piggy photos and the commentary that goes with them

Me too.

And me - no chance of us having pigs but it's lovely to see the pics and ...
  Topic: The Pumpkin has landed

Replies: 4
Views: 17962
PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Sun Nov 16, 14 6:39 pm   Subject: The Pumpkin has landed
Exciting - for you and her Hope it all goes well!
  Topic: videos.....

Replies: 34
Views: 87848
PostForum: Small Business Questions, Ideas and Advice   Posted: Sun Oct 12, 14 8:48 pm   Subject: videos.....
If I may say (remembering a stay when you had the B&B a few years back), you have a lovely Scottish accent which would be a positive feature to any video. However, if you really aren't comforta ...
  Topic: Artichokes

Replies: 9
Views: 6358
PostForum: Recipes, Preserving, Homebrewing   Posted: Tue Sep 23, 14 7:20 am   Subject: Artichokes
Large ones can be microwaved - takes far less time than steaming (about 10 minutes). Yes, they are a faff to eat but the base of the leaves and core are food from heaven
  Topic: Sheep Mowing Grass

Replies: 32
Views: 121396
PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Wed Aug 27, 14 8:58 pm   Subject: Sheep Mowing Grass

I'm thinking an audio warning backed up by a mild electric shock...

I believe wool is a good insulator
  Topic: Lets go and see Maude and Mildred.

Replies: 18
Views: 11798
PostForum: Livestock and Pets   Posted: Mon Jul 07, 14 9:25 pm   Subject: Lets go and see Maude and Mildred.
  Topic: business cards

Replies: 10
Views: 12543
PostForum: Small Business Questions, Ideas and Advice   Posted: Tue Jul 01, 14 12:44 pm   Subject: business cards
I used Soloprint - first time fine, second time I chose recycled paper and they didn't advise that the maroon colour in the logo would come out brown! (They don't normally do proofs...). When I quer ...
  Topic: National Character Areas

Replies: 5
Views: 42817
PostForum: Land Management   Posted: Tue Jun 24, 14 6:43 am   Subject: National Character Areas
Fascinating Thanks for the link, Rob!
  Topic: Rubber chippings for chickens?

Replies: 8
Views: 5783
PostForum: Poultry   Posted: Thu May 29, 14 8:54 pm   Subject: Rubber chippings for chickens?
I always thought that it was Trill that made your budgie bounce with health !

A blast from the past! I'd forgotten that ad completely
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