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pluteus cervinus for id
tasty saffrons at last
Field Mushroom?
New Roger Phillips?
2 mushrooms for ID please
The Prince?
Out this afternoon
Distinguishing between poison hemlock and edibles
Can't ID mushrooms from book, any help appreciated
Today's shrooms
Ewww, field blewits
Shaggy parasol
mushroom ID please
Parasol bigger than basket?
beckyboots & winterchanterelle city
My first wild mushroom
Fungi ID
New Forest, best UK area?
Is it too late to fnd edible fungi now
I've got a loverly bunch of...
Agaric auguste
spore printing - Tell me how I do it!
More Mushrooms
Edible funghi in November - any clues?
mushroom ID
bay boletes
New to mushroom collecting
Wild Chervil / Cow Parsley ???
Garden Fungi
Weekends Mushrooms
Chestnuts! Leeds City Centre...
Today I 'ave mostly been finding...
ceps at last
Chanties or falsies??
First blueys of the season :)
Sweet chestnuts
Mushroom id
What's available for wine this time of year?
Sea Buckthorn
What are these mushrooms on front lawn please?
Unusual forage...
Mushroom Allsorts
Unidentified fruit
Absolutely fantastic walk!
Bolete identification
Aronia melanocarpa- Black chokeberry
Found loads of Chanterelles and blewitts today
Can anyone tell me what these are and if I can eat them?
Curse the weather...
Still plenty of Mushrooms
Iodine Bolete
Elderberry questions from a novice
Juniper berries and sloe berries - how long are they around?
Went Out Gathering Hickory Nuts Today
So Many Mushrooms
Are These Mushrooms Chicken of the Woods?
Dont realy know were to start
Ceps are back
No mushrooms
Foraging addiction: any advice?
Anyone else not got many sloes and damsons?
Hazel nut types, observations & tips
Foraging Game
Cleaning mushrooms
Sloes... to early to pick?
Cauliflower fungus question...
Slightly worried
Identification help please
Giant Puffball Find
Sloe progress
Himalayan Balsam seeds
What a small small world........
How long can I leave it?
Technology meets hedgrow
Plant Identity questions.
Beef and Honey
Mushroom Id (sorry!!)
Blackberries . . again
Cauliflower fungus
Chicken of the Woods - colour when cooked
Can you use ordinary rosehips from the garden for recipes?
Jews ear?
Mushroom ID
Another mushroom ID
Hogweed seeds...
Fungus identity please
Two on my doorstep, three at work...
If you picked mushrooms...
Birch boletus
More m'shroom ID needed
So... many... shrooms...
Plums everywhere
Giant Puffballs & other shrooms
Some recent mushroom pictures
It's like 2006 - kilos of Ceps
Sloes? and one other?
A sad sight... (need some advice)
new season CEPS
wild plums
Are these funghi edible?
Field Mushrooms
Food waste - amazing photos
picking fruit from roadsides
Confirmation of mushroom ID - Boletus of some sort?
Fairy ring champignons
Is this a cherry plum tree?
Agaricus campestris
Feral Redcurrants
Burdock. When do I harvest?
Suggested Books/Links/Guidance and A Newbie Hello
Bilberries are ripe!
Chanterelles and Hedgehog mushrooms
Cooking with nettles
looking for nettles in western mass
Can someone ID these for me please?
ID Please
Eat the Weeds
Marsh Samphire
fairy ring mushrooms
Anyone in Bristol want some Chicken of the Woods?
North Devon?
Elderflower Cordial/Champagne.
Anyone interested in a Wild Food walk in Bristol?
is this a chicken?
What are these?
Do my mushroomoid eyes deceive me?
Chicken of the woods
black mustard
Noisette de terre = pignut?
Forest foraging Experts needed! Please apply within!
whats going on with the mushrooms
Mushroom identity parade
Fairy Rings
St Georges
wild parsley, fools parsley and hemlock
Lunch time ride by forage...
Wednesday Filming
First Haul of year
Mussells and garlic
Blackthorn Blossom
cycling forays in Bristol
Lesser Celandine
Identifying sorrel
ground elder
Wild garlic
St. Georges Mushroom (Trichaloma gambosum)
Morphing Mushroom Identifier
Picking endangered plants and bulbs
Talking nettles
nettle shoots and hop shoots
Mussel and wild garlic rissotto
Does this count for foraging
Nettles and Funghi.
Charity Wild food Walks / forays in Leeds
Sweet Violets
Birch Sap & elder flower
Sea Purslane
Any signs of morels yet?
with st george season comming how do you store yours
Picking nettles
buck hare roadkill
jews ear
Oyster mushroom spores
foraging in willingham woods near market rasin lincolnshire
Wld Food Foraging Courses
What can be foraged at this time of the year?
Can someone identify this?
you never know
blewit,chantrelle and velvet shank
Foraging for oysters and mussels
Christmas gift idea for a new forager...
Sugar Beet
Three Cornered Leek
Mushroom allergy?
ID please.
Don't Give Up
How to do a spore print
masses of volvariellas
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